The generous exhibitors and performers at Spiritfest always make the day unique — we never know what shape it will take until the moment arrives.

This kind of alchemy is pretty cool to watch. Cooler, even, is the chance to be part of it.

There are amazing performances in the Sharon Temple throughout the day, and a drum circle at 2pm presented by the Georgina Drum Circle and Shaw Percussion. Come and play music with
“Schmoosic” — Steafan Hannigan, Saskia Tomkins et famille.

This year, an interesting theme has emerged — of food, producing food, preserving food, and finding food where you least expect it! These were not trivial issues for the Children of Peace, who built the Sharon Temple in the 1820s, nor is it a trivial issue for some of us in York Region today. It goes well with the work of the York Region Food Network which we support. I hope everyone will help by filling out their survey while you are visiting!

AN INCOMPLETE LIST OF WORKSHOPS for Spiritfest IV, June 2, Sharon National Historic Site:

Feather hair tie making — by Maia of Forest Friends

Women of rockabilly — by Patricia of the Elizabeth Riley Band

Intro to painting — by Mariana Badescu (small canvas and materials provided!)

Pictish symbolism — by Jason of Bellchamber Silver Jewellery

Edible Weed Foraging — by Karen of Edible Wild Food

Make your own simple puppet and try ventriloquism — by Barbara Phoenix of Oregano and Friends

Butter-making (very kid suitable!) — by Michaela of Sharon Temple National Historic Site

Sharon Temple tour — by Megan of Sharon Temple National Historic Site

Weaving demonstration — by Dorrie, Sharon Temple National Historic Site

York Region Food Charter and Survey — TBA, York Region Food Network

— and feel free to visit our vendors in the Artisans Village, many of whom will be actively creating their work onsite.

Drop by Paul’s booth at Bishop Bead and Wire and watch him create a beautiful gem pendant!

Shaw Percussion will let you try a drum out!

The good folks at Schmooosic, Steafan and Saskia, play more instruments than I knew existed!

Some services are available for a fee, such as Tarot readings by The Hedgewitch people and henna art by Judy. All kid activities are free! Find the kids’ colouring corner and colour your initial to take home, hear a story, plant a bean seed, or become part of the collaborative art mural. Maybe tell your own favourite story!

It is an intentional community-for-a-day designed to celebrate the gathering together of people and their particular gifts — which, if we all shared what we could, would make the world a much better, peaceful place, where everyone has what they need.

More details coming! What are YOU bringing to Spiritfest?