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Spiritfest was an amazing day.

We have lots of people to thank — in no particular order:

Our exhibitors who made the day wonderful and contributed silent auction items

Nick and Serena M for sound equipment and beautiful posters

Megan, Patrick and Gillian H

The staff at Sharon Temple National Historic Site

Alex F for major assistance behind the scenes

Elizabeth Riley Band members Jen and Patricia

Pippa and Judy

Team ABC — stalwart volunteers Alvin, Brian and Christopher

Kieran and Deanna

Vince`s Food Markets for their generous discount for the best produce in a grocery store

Hedgewitch for lovely silent auction items

Joan and Mitchell from the York Region Food Network

Steafan, Saskia and family from Schmooosic

Jason Pfeiffer just for being him

Neale C

Karen MacLeod

David Henman

The Arts Spotlight Theatre Company Inc.

Phil and Wendy from Shaw Percussion and members of the Georgina Drum Circle

We hope people who took photos will share them with us, and here’s to encouraging everyone to keep putting community FIRST. Creativity has always been more important than any dismal science to ensure that we survive and THRIVE and stand up for compassion and shared humanity.


So excited that the big day is finally here!

We had a lovely visit with Jen and Patricia from  the Elizabeth Riley Band, who just came in from Ottawa! And Jen’s family too!

People are coming from fsr and wide — it is going to be so much fun.

Don’t be worrying about the weather either — we are pretty creative people and thanks to the hospitality of the Sharon Temple National Historic Site, we have plenty of indoor spaces to move to. However, the weather reports are improving hourly.

See you in Sharon! This is going to be the BEST Spiritfest yet!