Hello All —

Happy to announce we are gearing up to bring you another exciting creative community experience in Sharon, Ontario — SATURDAY, June 1, 2013!!!

One of our staunchest co-conspirators, Jason Pfeiffer, will not be joining us this trip, at least not in the tangible realm. So in his memory, and in tribute to his own considerable creative mojo, we will inaugurate this blog with the words he wrote after his first visit to Spiritfest, in April 2009. If you want to know the philosophy behind Spiritfest, this totally sums it up. We never want to do a Spiritfest without him, so there will definitely be a chair for Jason this year too.

Image   Jason wrote:

“David (Rankine, Celtic artist and festival organizer) calls this kind of thing “open source creativity,” a basic structure where everything just flows and there’s space for everyone involved to contribute and grow – audience and performers, equally and alike. There’s a heavy community-building focus to it, though perhaps in a more intuitive way rather than as an explicitly planned goal. All of us who spent time at Spiritfest and the concert seemed to connect in one way or another, falling into helping roles, enjoying the gifts we had to offer, either as artists, cooks, merchants, performers. It was about the people being there, not about selling stuff.

It was about music functioning in a way other than simple entertainment, which I think is what its all about.

Yesterday was a great day. It was as simple as that.”

Nuff said.

Come and learn about how our mission of “intentional creative community for a day” ties in with the legacy of the Children of Peace, who originally developed a utopian community in Sharon (Hope), Ontario. The whole day is designed to raise awareness and funds for the York Region Community Food Network. We will be talking more about this, and posting details about the fine musicians, artists and artisans who make our day full of special experiences. You and your family will love it! Admission to the historic site is by donation, and although there are amazing things to purchase, you can spend an exciting day participating in creative events without spending one cent.

Now, what do YOU want to bring to Spiritfest this year??

And what do you want to find?

Get in touch!