The Sharon Temple staff has asked us for a blurb to sum up our event, and I have to say,  this unique festival has grown so much (especially with their help!) that the task is a little daunting.

This festival is a MANIFESTO…

A Manifestival, if you will.

(That actually works — it is a celebration of the work of many hands.)
We are trying to link so many of the things we find important in life:

  • First and foremost, we link the creative impulse and healthy community — stating a commitment to a society where everyone is supported with the basics of a healthy life
  • We link to the work of the York Region Food Network, where they use considerable creativity to generate community gardens, cooking classes, and advocacy work to let us all know that York Region has poverty and hunger and this is simply unacceptable
  • We link to the ideas of the Children of Peace, the founders and builders of the Sharon Temple, who envisioned a democratic and supportive community with music, farmer’s co-ops, schools for young women, equality for everyone — and built this message right into the very structure of the Temple where they gathered to do their community work
  • We link to the idea that creative people are free and resilient, and can make the world a better and more peaceful place
  • We link to the idea that art and artists are important to this project and gives encouragement and thanks to everyone who makes the effort to create something beautiful and life-affirming to offer to the rest of us

We are celebrating people who make things and build community using their bare hands and talents — on June 1st, 2013!
You can come and spend the day without spending a cent — learn a new craft, see some beautiful art, hear amazing music, or make some yourself! Concerts, a drum circle, a collaborative art project, craft workshops and demonstrations of making food and clothing the old-fashioned way — these are all experiences you can have. And if you DO have a cent, there will be the most exciting displays of people’s fine art and craft that you can enjoy and encourage.  Let’s get together and make a wonderful day.

If you have already been to a Spiritfest event and could share YOUR idea of what it was all about, we’d love to hear from you! Help us with a write-up, and a fabulous handmade prize will be yours…. please only post if you’d willingly give us permission to use your words on the website. It will really help us fine tune the message. 🙂
Post it here, or on our Facebook page at

Thanks so much!!!