Welcome to Spiritfest: A Festival for the Creative Soul.

This one-day celebration of music, art, craft and community began in 2009, in support of the York Region Food Network’s advocacy work to raise awareness of the unacceptable levels of poverty and hunger in affluent York Region.

The message of Spiritfest is two-fold: one, we are born to be creative, and by encouraging a culture of “making” we both promote a positive community and reject becoming a nation of manipulated mass consumers. Two, creativity is the ultimate renewable resource, and we can pool our talents to solve any problem we turn our minds to as a community. Nobody can be creative when their basic needs for food, shelter and a decent standard of living are not met. We want to feed the body, mind and soul with our choice of activities. We will leave nobody behind!

So — Spiritfest is all about enjoying our creative side, raising money and awareness for the work of the York Region Food Network. We invite people of all ages to have a creative experience of music, art, craft and fun that costs nothing but the time and energy you need to become involved!

The Event happens at the beautiful grounds of Sharon Temple National Historic Site — admission is by donation. You will hear amazing music, take part in workshops and demonstrations of heritage crafts, and see the work of fine artisans. Please check our links for the list of participants — they are all wonderful people who spend a considerable amount of time making the world a better place!

See you in Sharon on June 2, 2012!