Interested in seeing how this concept of “Co-creating an Intentional Community For a Day” got started?

Check out the blogs — it started off as a vague intention to encourage people to stay creative in the face of adversity, while supporting the important work of the York Region Food Network.

Here is what we learned, from the first ever Spiritfest in April 2009:

“Wherever people gather in little pockets with the intention of opening a space for each other’s talents and creativity — it stopped being a craft show, or an art show, or a concert or a non-profit organization fundraiser. It became a big home, a mini-utopia, a transpersonal experience. But it wasn’t a participation mystique — we didn’t at any point lose ourselves. We all became MORE our own sweet selves.”

Past blogs:

Spiritfest April 2009:

Spiritfest II: October 2009

Spiritfest III: April 2011